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An elf appearing in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, portrayed by Viking-Sensei. He does not, and will not, appear in the main story, or in anything else set in the "canon" (Poe-verse).


Neverinal, aka "The Red Elf", "Neverinal the Dread", "The Red One", "Neverinal of the Fallen", "The Crimson-Stained Hand", is a very old and not particularly liked Elf. A necromancer of sorts, Neverinal deals in magics forbidden... usually for very good reasons. Of the "16 Forbidden Spells" of Elven Lore, three are named for Neverinal.

Neverinal normally wears red, and has armor made of leather - not cow leather, people leather. His skin is pale and waxen, his hair very dark, his appearance is tall and rail-like. He's probably as close to a proper "drow" (or as accused by Marcus, a litch) as Errant Story will ever come.


From Errant Road:

"Elves don't die. Well, they can, but mostly they don't, unless acted upon by an outside force... say a heavy blunt object, an eager and irrational errant, or a small mountain being thrown at them. The rules regarding elven immortality, on the other hand, really don't cover the issue of hunger. Starvation, for instance.

When an elf starves, they don't die. The damage caused by their body eating away at itself is not so great that it cannot be repaired via magic... however, without food or water for an extended period of time and under the influence of having their magic slowly being ripped away as it constantly struggles to build and rebuild damaged tissue, rolling ever onward in a constant state of perpetual agony, eyes too dry to blink or see, lungs too raspy to scream for help, system too damaged to free yourself, but still no death.

Never death.

Neverinal had been there and, as the humans say, done that. And, following his adventures chained to a rock for over six human months (for crimes which, honestly, he DID commit), roasting in the noon day sun and freezing in the winter's cold, naked and alone with his suffering, he had decided that if he ever did get free (obviously, he did) that he was going to do his best never to go hungry or thirsty again.

And that, as they say, was that. That was the moment when he stopped being the sissified elf of classic lore and became the practical elf that he was today. His services weren't cheap, but then again, nether were his tastes, and unlike the elves (who had little sense of money or of property, because taking turns was a lot easier when you had forever) the humans had all this wonderful currency, of which he was now profoundly interested in obtaining as much of it as he could."

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