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The Northern Confederacy in Errant Road plays much the same role (or, more accurately, is role-played) as in Errant Story itself: a mysterious source of magic, technology, and never to be forgotten, half elves. As in Errant Story, we don't really know much about it.

PC Lillith, who was born there, has told us a few odds and ends about the place, and so has fellow PC Sister Rose, whose service in the Veracian military caused her to spend time on the border between Veracia and the Confederacy, much of which she'd like to forget. As in Errant Story, the Confederacy appears to be exactly what it sounds like, a loose confederation of city-states and other states with varying degrees of autonomy and self-rule. The half-elf town of Santuariel exists there, just as it does in Errant Story, with the same role of providing sanctuary for half elves, and the same generally beat-up atmosphere, to hear Lillith tell it. The Errant Road version of Santuariel is home to Errant Story characters Leah and Riley, just as in Errant Story; other Errant Story characters may hang out there as well, but haven't been mentioned yet if they are there.

The Confederacy in Errant Road is also home to a place called "Albigenish" that, as far as we know, doesn't exist in Errant Story. This is a rather uppity city-state that at one time launched a military action of sorts against Veracia, raiding across the border until the Veracians got tired of it and put their foot down. The resulting "Albigenish Incident" was an ugly little war that left Rose with some emotional scars and a disagreeable set of memories, not least of which were some insights into what Errants are all about. Less disagreeably, it also left Rose married to another soldier, Kenny Lucas, although his death before Errant Road started has also left Rose with some scars.

Several other player characters also have connections to the Confederacy, but as yet, their stories have revealed little else about the Confederacy itself, other than that it's a good place to be ... from. PC Argus Cleiviein vacationed there as a teenager, and on one of those trips, had certain extra "adventures" that, to be blunt, are why there is a Lillith. PC Rhett Courier originated in a Confederacy town called "Aegis," and has contributed one possibly useful trivium about the place: a deity called "Lady-Who-Walks" figures in at least some of the religion/mythology there. (She has had no direct impact on Errant Road, however.) PC Roger Monteith also hails from the Confederacy, and a nasty bit of his backstory lets us know that Salvus exists in Errant Road, as in Errant Story itself. However, we don't know much about Salvus in either setting. Another PC from the area (probably) is Mouse, whose origins are even murkier than others'.

All told, the Northern Confederacy seems like a place that may be ripe for exploration in Errant Road, so stay tuned.

Named locations in the Northern Confederacy, Errant Road version

Places also appearing in Errant Story itself are in italics.

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