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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Plato is a member of the Gewehr, and with his colleague Socrates (Soc for short -- who thinks of these names, anyway?), serves as the Gewehr's liaison with the wild and wooly world of Magic. This is actually more or less a sideline for him, as he's an "Enforcer" (next thing down from a Wraith in the Gewehr's hierarchy) and presumably does all the things that that title might imply. However, we've never seen him doing those things, and probably never will, because it's his magical connections that get him briefly on stage in the game. He got his magic credentials as a student in Port Lorrel, although he never officially finished his education, not that the Gewehr really cares.

He enters the picture first to try to help the bereaved Layla find out who, or what, dispatched her late, lamented husband Arty Samuels -- so that she can kill the perp slowly and painfully, of course. His investigations produce the unexpected finding that the "person" who offed Arty was in fact not a human, but a troll -- player character Grope, although neither Plato nor Layla know that. This, it is fair to say, gives Layla pause, and she decides not to pursue her vendetta quite as aggressively as planned, instead seeking solace in the arms of the airship pilot Ace. An important side outcome of that study is that Plato discovers that Layla has some untapped magical aptitude. This sets various things in motion that have her first studying with Soc, then moving to Rinkaiel to study with some real experts from Tsuiraku, the main one of whom (one Dasuke Kinabalu) shortly gets dead. The last shoe surely hasn't dropped here.

For now Plato is hunkered down in Kugelheim like most of the rest of the Gewehr. He may or may not reappear in Errant Road, but he's served his main purpose.

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