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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Provatiel is a small-to-medium-sized town in south central Veracia. Although its exact size is unspecified, it is one of the larger towns along the main road between the population centers of the north (Saus, Emerylon) and Lorenzel to the south. It is built along the banks of an unnamed small river, with most of the town on one side and a spectacular castle on the other. This setting is reputed to be rather attractive, as towns in the boonies of southern Veracia go.

Adventurers Argus, Sasha, etc., pass through Provatiel as they search for the inexplicably fugitive Father Egbert, hoping to get some clues to his whereabouts from the comparatively large population of Millenarians there. However, this visit turns out oddly, as they discover that the castle, supposedly a minor outpost of the Veracian military, is considerably more complex, and maybe more threatening, than it's originally thought to be. The forces in the castle, and from a different perspective, the townsfolk, appear to be practicing a form of eugenics aimed at producing a blond, blue-eyed cadre of almost machine-like soldiers. For what purpose? Not certain yet, but Sister Rose and Brother Miguel are sufficiently alarmed at what they see that they feel a need to report it when they get to Lorenzel. Whatever the explanation, the place is creepy enough that none of the visitors want to go back there.

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