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A branch of the Veracian Church that is apparently unique to the world of Errant Road. (If it existed in the Poe-verse, the Veracian Church there would undoubtedly try to wipe it out, arrogant, xenophobic oligarchy that it is.)

The Reformed Church is very important to Errant Road, for a number of reasons. For one, it's about the only part of the Veracian Church reasonable enough for non-Veracian player characters to interact with it. (This, in fact, is exactly why it was created in the game.) For another, the mission in Kiyoka, center of a great deal of the start-up action at the beginning of the game, is staffed largely with priests and nuns from the Reformed Church. Sister Rose, a player character who's a nun in this denomination (see below), has explained that many of the Veracians who interact with the outside world (not only missions, but also military and some diplomats) are from the Reformed branch, because they're one of the few parts of the Veracian Church that aren't too xenophobic for such things to work. Finally, Rose and several other Reformed priests and nuns have become important characters in the game, whether as PCs or NPCs.


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Sister Rose has dropped occasional hints regarding some of the differences between Orthodox and Reformed church dogma, but much remains to be learned. Apparently the Reformed doctrine stresses the concept of Luminosita, and some shadowy historical figure way-back-when on whom that concept is based, as the thing worth worshiping, rather than the light show that occasionally appears over Emerylon, which Rose seems to consider a source of magical energy for Veracian clergy to tap rather than an actual ghod. This poses the important question: do the Reformed priests and nuns know that Luminosita is a "construct"? If Rose knows, she isn't telling.

In some other regards the Reformed belief system appears to be considerably more "liberal" than the Orthodox one. For example, Rose is well aware of the existence of the elven deities Anilis and Senilis and doesn't particularly find reverence to them by elves (notably Drusia and her progeny) particularly upsetting -- although human worship of those deities might not go over so well. Rose has indicated that in this and other doctrinal matters, the Reformed church has learned to keep their collective mouth shut when proselytizing, being a fraction the size and power of the Orthodox denomination and not wanting to set themselves up as a target for charges of heterodoxy.

As regards practice, one key difference between the Reformed church and the Orthodox church is that the Reformed branch permits its priests and nuns to marry. This is important in Errant Road for a number of reasons, the main one being that Rose and some other Reformed characters have past, present or future romantic entanglements that are important to their character development. For example, Brother Farley, one of the priests at the mission in Kiyoka, has recently become engaged (to the young Tsuirakuan battlemage Kristi Yugawa), and two of the other Kiyokans, Brother Miguel and Sister Marilyn, are in the process of following suit. If they tried something like this as members of the Orthodox branch, they'd be excommunicated, invited to a round-the-clock smiting session, or worse.


In addition to the mission in Kiyoka, Reformed temples have been seen in Saus, Nautkia and Lorenzel. There have been indications that, consistent with the Veracians' use of Reformed people to tend to matters beyond their borders, the band of missionaries that rescued Miguel from his childhood in the Southern Continent were largely composed of Reformed priests; at the very minimum, Father Ranulph, currently Abbot of the Reformed temple in Veracia, was one of those missionaries.

Characters who are members of the Reformed church

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