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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. It doesn't exist in the Poe-verse that we know of, which is reasonable enough considering that the city it's in, Rinkaiel, doesn't exist there either. Its basics appear here and hereafter.

This institution of higher learning (such as it is) is the result of a cooperative agreement between Farrel, where Rinkaiel is located and which desperately wants to learn more about magic, and Tsuiraku, which wants to learn more about, well, Farrel. Its reason for existence is nominally to help the Farrelites become more proficient with magical means of sailing the seas around the country -- not too proficient to the point where they pose a threat to Tsuiraku, but enough so that they can do better at engaging in commerce. The "science" of the title should therefore be understood as having a major thaumatic component. Many of the faculty and staff are Tsuirakuan, notably the menacing Seishi Torou who serves as a thaumatic technician there when he's not busy with his real job with the Oshima gang of Tsuirakuan revolutionaries (and petty criminals) in exile. The Farrelite Seeadler gang has also become entrenched at the College, reasonably enough.

The College becomes important to the game when NPC Faye Sorensen, mother of PC Layla, is kidnapped by the Oshimas to coerce Layla and allied PCs into leaving the Oshimas alone. Some detective work by our heroes reveals that the elder Ms. Sorensen is being held in a sort of magical suspended animation within a museum that is part of the College. PCs Rufus and Eve manage to infiltrate the College while Layla, Galina, Ace and Jin-Liu case the museum. Many interesting things happen as this thread unfolds, but the spellcraft keeping Faye a captive is too powerful for them to defeat, and her rescue comes much later in the game.

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