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Roger Monteith is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by DarkIntruder. Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Roger Monteith

Age: Late 20s

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex- Salvus Militia turned (reluctant) mercenary gunslinger for hire.

Equipment: Automatic rifle, enormous revolver, small shotgun.

Appearance: Haggard and drawn, he stands 5'11", or at least he would if he stood up straight. Hazel eyes, short cropped brown hair, hidden under a brimmed steel helmet. His face is pleasant enough, though travel weary, and he carries a wry smile, though acquaintances would warn you that it could change in an instant, if the need arises. Considered exceptionally lean by some, the hard life that has led him to this point has given him both scars and hard muscles. The other distinguishing characteristic is his particular affectation for an enormous waxed handlebar mustache.

He wears a heavy padded hood, usually thrown back during warmer weather, and a lightly padded arming coat, usually covered by close-fitting body armour, made of several layered plates riveted to a cloth covering which still bears the faded symbol of the Salvus militia.


Not much is known about Roger, since he doesn't volunteer much information, and most of his acquaintances don't ask. However, if one were to go poking around Salvus and the Northern Confederacy, one would hear the following:

His childhood was not particularly happy what with the dysfunction and all, but he was always described as the nicest boy in the neighborhood. He joined the city militia, and all was well, until he discovered his fiancé in bed with his immediate superior. While it was later (quietly) said that the man may have deserved the subsequent relocation of his genitalia to his lower digestive tract, the man's father, who happened to be the minister of commerce in Salvus, did not entirely agree.

Roger was forced to flee the city, and has been selling his guns ever since. His nagging moral code and sense of decency has gotten him in more then one desperate situation,but he's often able to ignore it for cash. He sometimes becomes cynical and depressed at the lack of purpose in his life, but a jolly knee-capping will often be enough to lift his spirits. Is quite open minded towards new ideas, and as such doesn't posses the (perhaps reasonable) mistrust of magic that non-Tsuirakuans do.


Fond of occasional violence towards idiocy, the open road, and his mustache. Dislikes stupid people. Displays skill with heavy weapons, survival, and the ability to simultaneously both piss off and amuse those around him.

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