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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. It doesn't exist in the Poe-verse that we know of, although there are probably small towns like it in the same general area.

Roquiel is a very small town in central Veracia, somewhere south of Saus and northwest of Lorenzel, some distance inland from the west coast of the country. A party of player-character adventurers makes a quick stop here on the way to the larger town of Umbertiel, where an encounter with a delegation from the Cardinal Inquisitor's office awaits. PC Argus Cleiviein happens to run into an old acquaintance from his days on the streets of Kiyoka in Roquiel, a "businessman" (read: smuggler) named Dess Marson who immediately draws a mistaken conclusion regarding Argus and Sister Rose -- well, not a totally mistaken conclusion, but at least a premature one. Rose and Lillith playfully go along with this, but the fun and games are put on hold when someone in Marson's entourage meets a sudden, violent death. As yet this death is not known to have anything to do with the adventurers or their mission, but such things have a way of turning out to be connected, so keep an eye on this place, even though it's now well in the rear-view mirror.

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