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A minor locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Salticiel is a small town in southern Veracia, south of Lorenzel. PCs Lillith, Argus, Sister Rose, etc., pause here as they journey south so that Rose can recover the Artifact of Absonial, one of those McGuffins that somehow pop up from time to time to drive plots. Rose has other reasons to go there, because the priest in town, the burnt-out Father Thaddeus, may know something about the late Father Egbert, whose weird demise, and even weirder behavior in the last few days before he died, was another important plot point. However, Thaddeus isn't particularly helpful when the party does find him.

Salticiel is also the town where PC Drusia Valis orchestrates a masquerade to make it look as if Lillith has succumbed to poison. This is important because Drusia wants to help Lillith get to safety (as if anywhere can be truly "safe" for a half elf) in the town of Snamish, which Drusia, one of the pro-half-elf faction of rangers and in the Errant War before that, founded as a half-elven safe haven. For that to succeed, it's necessary to throw nasty Peregin Bauti, who's expressed an unhealthy interest in Lillith, off the trail. As far as can be told, this subterfuge has succeeded ... for now.

Otherwise it's a fairly drab, undistinguished place, and it's doubtful whether we'll see it again.

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