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Here there be half-elves. Lillith is from Santuariel, but didn't admit it early in the game, although she has now returned there with her new husband Brad to do the family thing.

It is implied it lies to the north, beyond the confederacy states. It's somewhere close enough to Salvus for it to be reachable via horse- or ox-drawn cart.

In the latter stages of the game, Santuariel is a fairly important site, as PCs Desiree and Therese travel there en route to Therese's home city of Refuge-Nouveau, pausing en route to see the pregnant Lillith and Brad, who've taken up residence there. This soon becomes more than just a social call, as Santuariel is being plagued by the night-time howlings of a "Banshee" that they'd like to be rid of. Evidence comes to light that this weird and disagreeable being may have something to do with the mystifying "Compassion" pseudo-Paedagogusi encountered long before, an idea that excites Desiree (a worshiper of Anilis and a believer in the basic elven pantheon) considerably even as it disturbs, or downright horrifies, most everyone else. Much of the "Salvus and homeward" thread is spent getting to Santuariel, and the active "Santuariel, Compassion and the banshee" thread is all about dealing with what happens next. The last shoe hasn't necessarily dropped here.

Characters from Santuariel

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Lillith is the only PC with roots in Santuariel. Canon character Maxwel gets a brief role in the game, Leah and Riley are mentioned, and there may even be a distant sighting of Ian Samael himself, although he doesn't participate in proceedings at all.

Named NPCs in Santuariel include:

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