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Sasha Mitchel is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Viking Sensei. Like all Errant Road player characters, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. Her basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Sasha Mitchel (ne. Ravenel)

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Occupation: Anthropology/Archeology Student

Equipment: Shovel, pick-axe, spades, several brushes, a temporal window generator (now damaged beyond repair), Tsuirakan GPS Navigator, pair of very, very sharp knives.

Appearance: Taller, with golden blond hair and a natural good look that allows her to trudge through fields and be without any embrace of civilization for days while still looking at least fairly attractive. Green eyes. Sasha is a half-elf and an Errant, a fact that she's only just now becoming aware of due to the fact that her ears never developed until she was exposed to the highly chaotic magics of Centoriel region.



Sasha's half-elf father was assassinated by an unnamed elven ranger in front of her when she was a child. The ranger determined that she might have some half-elf in her, but that it was such a diluted line that he was going to let her pass... for now... and even went to the extra dimension of psychological mind fucking as to take the form of a half-elf and take credit for her father's murder, leaving her with a deep-seated hatred for half-elves, despite the fact that she actually is one too. Since the assassination was staged to make it look like an accident, nobody believed young Sasha's story, further adding to her internal frustrations.

Several years later, Sasha's older brother, Lucas, a prominent student at Sashi Mu, accidentally teleported to the other side of the world. In the wake of his disappearance and her mother's subsequent hospitalization following the stress of her husband's death years before and her son's disappearance, Sasha found herself on the streets. She was found and taken in by the same elf that had killed her father, now "disguised" in his true form, who decided to embrace the ultimate irony and tap into her unchanneled rage at the universe and her undeveloped latent Errant abilities to turn her into an anti-Errant weapon. After months of intense training in Farrel, she returned to Tsuiraku a lean, mean, half-elf fighting machine capable of taking on (and out) a fully functional magic-weilding Errant.

Some time later, with her brother returned and her family now (mostly) whole again, Sasha signed up for classes at Sashu Mohaya, a non-magical Tsuirakan school, where she majored in Anthropology (with a focus on archeology), following in the footsteps of her grandfather. Also, it gave her an excellent chance to travel the world and "help the cause". She was briefly married to a widower named named Colin Mitchel, and while it did not work out they parted on good terms and she (and her brother Lucas, or "Unkey Lukey") are still close to Colin's children.


Sasha is mostly good-natured and understanding of all, save her deep-running resentment aimed at half-elves due to her childhood trauma. Given her freqnent tendency to be "smacked down" by reality only to rebound, she tends to view herself as an underdog and a victim of circuimstances, but has done her best to accept her role in life and make the best of whatever situation she is dealt.

She has a temper, but it takes a long time to surface, so it may appear to others that she "snaps" when it finally breaks through the surface. She has trouble forming stable relationships due to fears of abandonment, but has no difficulty on the short-term.

Sasha cannot cast any form of magic, and most magics do not work on her. She can also negate a number of magics simply by being near them or touching magical objects, although this does not work regularly or often. These are most likely due to the fact that she is a low-level Errant.

Known Connections


  • Argus: Travels with as a fellow Tsuirakuan.
  • Harker: Has had statues carved of her by. Some of them have been somewhat lude.
  • Lillith: Appears to hate and despise. Given her history in regards to Half-Elves, this is of little surprise. She initially blamed Lillith for her "becoming" a half-elf herself.
  • Lucas: Sister to. Lucas' dissappearance helped to shatter their mother's health, eventually leading to Sasha's ending up on the street.
  • Brother Miguel: Unsure about.
  • Sister Rose: Also unsure about.

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