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A troll who appears in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Scrobian is the nephew of player character (and, obviously, fellow troll) Grope. Like his uncle, he has traveled far away from the troll homelands in the hope of finding somewhere for his tribe to settle, thereby relieving the population pressures building in the troll lands. This seems at first to have worked out well, as he and many of his clansfolk, including the matriarch Bri'igeah (Grope's sister), found a happy hunting ground of sorts in the Mountains of Madness in south central Farrel. It is while patrolling this new tribal territory that he happens to run into his uncle again, to the delight of both.

Alas, all is not well in the land of the trolls. Not long after Grope and Scrobian connect, a violent volcanic eruption from the Dwarven Forge destroys the troll encampment and forces the two of them, and any other surviving trolls, to flee for their lives. As Grope and Scrobian search for survivors of the eruption, they run into the main band of adventurers in Farrel, including Grope's Blood-Binding partner Lucas. At first Scrobian is dubious about hanging out with humans, and vice versa, but when it's discovered that neither group/race is as inclined to exterminate (and, possibly, eat) the other as folklore might suggest, they all adventure together for a while, until the humans and sort-of-humans leave for Rinkaiel while the trolls continue to scour the Waldhaxen Channel for survivors. Lucas and colleagues have promised to come back and help the trolls once they've secured a boat from the Seeadler, the mysterious mercenary guild that more or less runs Rinkaiel. Whether this plan survives contact with reality is not yet clear.

Compared to his uncle, Scrobian is a fairly generic male troll of no unusual abilities, certainly nothing as weird as Grope's rudimentary spellcasting skills. He is of course as strong as a, well, troll, and a very nasty customer in hand-to-hand combat. He's also quite a techie by troll standards, having discovered a balloon (apparently dating to dwarven times) in the Mountains of Madness and learned to fly the thing. This impresses Grope mightily; while it doesn't seem to take any particular ability or skill, trolls just don't do things like that. It is a reconnaissance trip in the balloon that gets the two out of the way of the volcanic eruption. Unfortunately, the balloon is eventually heisted by Wilbur Hamael as he tries to make his way back home, so it's back to shank's mare for getting around -- not that the trolls find anything unacceptable about that.

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