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Shamhat is a non-player character (NPC) in the Errant Road free-form on-line role playing game. She's the mother of player character Lillith, and her basic concept can be found in the same article as Lillith's. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Like her daughter, Shamhat is a half elf who lives in the half-elven sanctuary community of Santuariel. There she serves as a priestess for a little-known nature-worshiping cult (in fact, she and Lillith may be its only real adherents) having nothing to do with any of the Errant World's known religions. Relatively little is known of this religion, except that it treats all living things (and apparently some non-living parts of the world) as having spirits with whom one might be able to commune, and which may provide the priestess with magical power; at least it seems to work this way for Lillith, so presumably it does for her mom as well. (A Tsuirakuan atheist would probably say these spirits are nonexistent and are really only contrived ways for the priestesses to access the magic that's all around them anyway, but what would a godless Tsuirakuan know?) Shamhat's "worship" of these spirits seems to involve hanging brightly colored ribbons and such things on trees, rocks, etc., that do little to dispel her reputation among Santuarielites as being a little ... odd.

Shamhat raised Lilltih as a single mother, and in her original concept, never revealed to her daughter who her father was. However, in a long, emotionally-charged story arc, a shadowy Tsuirakuan operative named Nikolai revealed to PC Argus that Argus was the daddy, by way of a brief affair when he was but a teenager. (How Nikolai, or more accurately his boss, the formidable Captain Kitaura, learned of this little trivium is a mystery that has never been revealed.) When Lillith learned of this side of her origin story, she ... didn't take it well at first. All's well that ends well, and the family situation is currently much more comfortable.

Shamhat was a background character for the large majority of Errant Road, and only appeared on stage late in the game, when the first party of PC adventurers, Desiree and Therese, visited Santuariel to see the now-pregnant Lillith and her husband Brad, who had returned there to start their family. A visit to her odd "shrine" in the hills above Santuariel revealed the colorful ribbons and decorated rocks and trees, and also gave Shamhat a chance to have a few speaking lines, eventually aiding the pair in their pursuit of a "banshee" plaguing the town with its night-time howls. This task accomplished (sort of), Desiree and Therese moved on, leaving Brad and Lillith to continue preparing for the birth of their twins, and Shamhat presumably still being Shamhat, decorating her shrine. Presumably she's still there.

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