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An NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. She's no longer with us, which, given her personality, may be just as well. Either way, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Bree is (was) a nun of the Orthodox Veracian Church who works (worked) in the office of the Cardinal Inquisitor, which is probably enough, in and of itself, to qualify her as a bona-fide Not Nice Person. However, when it comes to not being nice, she goes (went) the extra mile. Her personality would sand paint off of wood. Even her fellow nun (although in a very different capacity) Sister Rose, who seems able to get along with just about everybody, found her disagreeable in the extreme.

Bree enters the game when there are some mysterious deaths in the town of Gervasiel that attract the attention of the Cardinal Inquisitor. She's sent to interview Rose and fellow travelers (Argus, Maduin, etc.) when they reach the small town of Umbertiel on their way back to civilization. It develops that she has an unpleasant history with Maduin's inseparable partner Bryce, for reasons never completely made clear. Her own (entirely platonic) partner in this mission is the enigmatic Father Blaise, whose name has surfaced in some ... other ... contexts as the travelers go about their business.

Alas (or maybe not), Bree is expelled from the interviews in a certain amount of disgrace after blowing up at Rose and Argus regarding Bryce, and shortly thereafter, meets a most curious end in her guest chambers at the Orthodox temple in Umbertiel. She casts some detection magic at the nearby chambers where Blaise hangs his hat, and something in there apparently doesn't like it; she emits a heart-rending scream and simply drops dead on the spot, without obvious trauma or injury. This, it is fair to say, causes a certain amount of consternation in the temple. It turns out that she had been keeping a journal of her movements in the weeks and months leading up to her death, and Rose and Argus get their hands on it as they assist the temple's abbot, Father Cyrus, in investigating the death. Its contents are ... interesting.

All told, she'll probably be missed less than some of the other Living Impaired people in Errant Road. Still, at least her cat loved her (to the extent that cats are capable of love), so requiescat in pace or whatever the Luminositans say.

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