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Sister Margaret is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. As far as can be told, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Sister Margaret is one of the clergy at the mission of the Veracian Church in Kiyoka. She's a middle-aged nun of conventional (indeed, rather plain) appearance, although it is suggested that, in a most un-nun-like bit of behavior, she's occasionally observed packing heat. She is fairly senior at the mission, being responsible for many of the mission's security function, and when Father Egbert disappears mysteriously while the abbot is away, she temporarily takes overall charge there. This probably wouldn't set well with some of the more conservative members of the Veracian Church, but nobody in Kiyoka seems to mind.

She makes her first appearance early in the game, when she and much younger Sister Eva investigate a rather messy corpse in the alley outside the church. This worthy, one "Lennie", was a Gewehr thug who'd been stalking player characters Jamie and/or Roger, and was squashed like a bug when PC Grope jumped off the mission roof and landed on him, for reasons Grope himself doesn't fully understand. This cause of death is completely unknown to the two nuns, however, even after Father Egbert, the assistant abbot and a more powerful mage than either of the nuns, is called to investigate as well.

Following this encounter, Margaret wafts in and out of the story, popping up to help recruit PC Argus to investigate some strange goings-on at the mission, then to try to make sense out of Egbert's inexplicably panicked departure from Kiyoka. She stays in touch with Argus and Sister Rose and Brother Miguel, two other members of the mission who accompany him to Veracia as they follow the elusive Egbert's tracks. She'll probably be heard from again, perhaps by carrier parrot, even though Kiyoka is no longer on Errant Road's front lines.

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