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A highly unconventional nun of the Veracian Church, Errant Road style. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, where her decidedly unorthodox approach to her religion would probably get her thrown out of town, or worse.

Sister Marilyn's backstory, along with that of her much more orthodox twin Sister Eva, is related by Father Egbert in a brief moment with Argus before his mystifying bugout. The twins spent their early childhood in a mystical, semi-martial community somewhere in Veracia, we are not told exactly where (yet, anyway; see below). They got out of it just in time, as the place was completely destroyed by the Ensigerum. (Could it have been the same splinter group that's mentioned in the main story in connection with Chris and his father Correl? Possibly, but not necessarily -- this isn't the Poe-verse, after all.) However, they retain some of the ... skills ... learned there even as young (20-ish) adults in the Church.

On joining the Veracian mission in Kiyoka, some time before the start of Errant Road, Marilyn marched right out and set up a mission to the poor and homeless in what one might euphemistically call the "entertainment" district of town. She's now something of a legend there, ministering to the needy as she wears a mini-skirt version of her nun's robes, helping those who need help, and unlike everyone else at the mission, actually having some success in gaining converts to the Veracian Church. She is fulfilling these roles when she meets Argus (following a small incident involving Kureji Mesuinu), at that point a decaying down-and-outer, and recruits him for a small chore for the mission. This chore, of course, turns out to be not so small as originally thought, and much of the Errant Road story line is connected with it.

Marilyn hasn't appeared in the game in quite a while, but she's still out there, no doubt doing what she does best. She and Brother Miguel, currently exploring southern Veracia with Argus as they try to find Egbert, are an Item, and if Miguel doesn't come back to Kiyoka alive, Luminosita alone knows what she'll do to him have become engaged following Miguel's return to Kiyoka from the fun and games in Nautkia. Some by-the-way dialogue as they plan their wedding has revealed to readers that her roots are in the sinister, burned-out former town of Leonish, but the characters don't know that yet.

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