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A minor NPC in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. He'd barely merit a mention at all, except for one notable oddity: he's a troll in what is otherwise entirely human territory.

This unexpected fellow is encountered in a grocery in the small town of Cartish, where he helps the elderly widow Edith tend the shop. PCs Argus, Sister Rose, etc., have joined Edith at this shop in the hopes that she can tell them more about her nephew, the late Brother Carter. Edith explains that Sonny was an employee of her late husband in some construction work up north, and when the man died, the troll stayed with the family. That presumably explains his unusual "name;" his real name is undoubtedly a mishmash of trollish grunts and consonants, but as Edith puts it, if a troll wants to call you "Mamma," you humor him, and respond in kind.

He gets a moment in the sun when Lillith takes (understandable) exception to Edith's inexplicable bigotry when it comes to half elves, and tries to brain the old woman with a clay jar. Sonny gently gloms onto Lillith and keeps her from doing any damage until she settles down. (Why is Edith prejudiced against half elves and elves, but not trolls? You'd have to ask her.) It is at this point that his backstory comes out.

Edith says that Sonny goes somewhere up north from time to time for religious observances, or to re-acquaint himself with members of his tribe, or something like that. This earns him a brief reappearance in the long, complex threads set in Goriel, as he starts back to Cartish after visiting his tribe, picking up a certain MacGuffin in the progress. The significance of his acquisition is not yet clear, but patience ...

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