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In the world of Errant Road, a continent to the south of where the game is (currently) set. Needless to say, no such continent is known to exist in the Poe-verse.

What little is known of the continent is known through the backstory of Brother Miguel, plus assorted adventures involving PCs Jamie and Tamina. Brother Miguel was born and raised there, but left it after missionaries from the Veracian Church rescued him from being sacrificed to a tree. Its only named (human) cities are Grendell, a port at the northern tip of the continent that handles most of the limited commerce between the continent and the rest of the world, and Douaga, a "capital city" (of what is not clear) somewhere in the interior that is reached by the missionary party that rescued Miguel.

It's home to all manner of bizarre creatures, including the kobolds, a catgirl-like race that includes Tamina, and their hereditary enemies, the Ralkin. Jamie and Tamina tangle with various of these during their "vacation" on the continent, with predictably gory results.

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