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A non-player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, on stage just long enough to get himself messily killed, but also to create trouble for some of the player characters. Needless to say, he doesn't (didn't) exist in the Poe-verse.

Telan is apparently the uncle of player character Eli Haverum, and like Eli, is a half elf who got bored with the secretive half-elf sanctuary community of Snamish and left to see the world. He joins the action in Port Lorrel, where Eli and various other PCs have made landfall as they search for the mysterious, sinister Father Blaise. He has opened what is euphemistically called a "trading company" there, which needs perhaps a tiny bit more ... muscle than your garden-variety trading company. He offers Eli a job playing that role, getting an ambiguous response partly because of the presence of fellow PC Desiree, with whom Eli has a relationship at that time.

It quickly develops that there's more to this "trading company" than meets the eye. Apparently it's a front for a human-trafficking (for certain definitions of "human") operation, and is under surveillance by at least two other outfits, one of them being the Eisenfaust, which rules the Lorrel waterfront with an iron hand and doesn't like competition. All manner of violence breaks out at the warehouse headquarters of this outfit, starting with the quick, silent death of one of the observers and progressing to a kidnapping of Desiree. This, it is fair to say, Eli doesn't take well. The denouement is sudden, exceptionally violent, and leaves three hoodlums dead, and Desiree and the others on the scene wondering just what got into him.

Meanwhile, while the PCs are off rescuing Desiree, Telan has also managed to join the ranks of the Living Impaired, also in a messy and disagreeable way, but apparently at the hands of the Eisenfaust, who leave a note nailed to his body as a warning to others: "To whomever finds this rotting meat, take this as a warning. Undercutting the Eisenfaust is a remarkable way of committing suicide." This produces a certain amount of turmoil in the ranks that develops into yet more violence after a trip to a local bawdy house called The Red Rose (no relation to PC Sister Rose, who has been trying to clean up the mess) that has also been well and truly trashed. The violence continues, but without Telan, who by this point has been consigned to Luminosita's Presence. Or not.

Remarkably enough, all of this bloodshed turns out to be more or less a short-lived vignette on the way to finding Blaise. Of course, it probably didn't look that way to Telan or the abundant other dead bodies that the vignette generated, but they are no longer available for consultation. And there, as far as is known, the matter rests.

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