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A rather unusual religious sect that can be found in various towns throughout Farrel, with some outliers elsewhere. Temples of the Divine Dwarf believe that humanity and even elvendom were created by the Dwarves, who then left to see what would become of their creations. They expect that the Dwarves will return some day to reward the faithful. They spend much of their time collecting and attempting to understand the use of dwarven artifacts. Their priests (e.g. Reverend Hammersmith) wear getups designed to make them look like oversized dwarves, with artificial hunchbacks, shoes of exaggerated size, etc. (Never mind that that isn't necessarily what dwarves look like; no living human has ever seen one, after all. But life must imitate art -- mustn't it?)

Known temples can be found in Volkanenborg, Lorenzel, Rinkaiel, and Kiyoka. There are others. A healer operating under the auspices of the Temple of the Divine Dwarf is in Rinkaiel, in addition to the temple there.

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