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Toivo Pohjola is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Weirdonian. Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Toivo Pohjola

Age: Late 20s

Gender: Male

Occupation: Representitive of the International Agricultural Cooperative (IAC)

Equipment: A backpack containing: extra clothes (including a tan trenchcoat), a crystal ball, pencils, blank and written/drawn-in notebooks and IAC books & doccuments; hanging from his backpack are cooking implements, a sleeping bag, and a pouch containing a smooth, fist-sized, ovoid stone*; he carrys a well-used wooden walking stick that matches his height.

Appearance: Toivo is about six feet in height with grey-blue eyes, curly/wavy blonde hair (kept mostly short), a clean-shaven face, and an average build, though he does have a bit of a gut. His clothes are simple, tough, practical and clean. His ensamble includes: sunglasses (Do they have those?) a well-worn wide-brim straw hat, sans ribon; a dark green shirt; denim-like pants; and finally black, leather boots.


A native of the highlands of southern Tsuiraku, his family emigrated there well over a hundred years ago from Farrel. His family own and opperate a farm and are members of the relatively new IAC, an organization dedicated to uniting and improving both the lives and income of the farmers of the known world. Toivo acts as something of a recruiter, representitive and explorer for the IAC.


He has some magical skills, mostly related to farming (geomancy, ley lines, dowsing, etc.). Toivo is considered to be rather eccentric by most of the people he meets, traveling with a rock he talks to, promoting an organization some doubt even exists.

Tovio's "familiar, Domovoi (Domo for short) resembles a light tan, smooth, fist-sized, ovoid stone. It does not appear to move, speak or do, well, anything but hang quietly in it's soft, burlap-like pouch. However, Toivo insisits it is alive and even speaks to it and takes it out to "get some air". He says his Great Grandfather found the stone in a river when he was a child in Farrel and presumed it to be Dwarven in origin; and Toivo says that Domo says that he can't remember much of his past before he was woken from his aquatic sleep, only blurry shadows. Though most think Toivo is something of a nutcase for talking to an inanimate rock, he insists Domo is an absolutely indispensable assistant and friend.

Known Connections


Ayiee: Lucas' golem.
Boris: Marcus' skeletal... whatever.
Jamie: Assassin that seemed to look down on him.
Lucas: Guide while out doing his mission for the IAC.
Marcus: Necromancer traveled with.
Roger: Soldier of fortune traveled with.

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