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A country in the Errant Road on-line, free-form role-playing game. It has a counterpart in the Poe-verse, of course, but the Errant Road version has some unique features -- possibly.



As far as known, the geography of Tsuiraku in Errant Road is exactly the same as in the Poe-verse, plus or minus some very local embellishments. The country is composed of a group of islands basically running north-south at the western edge of the main ocean. The central, largest island has been the site of all of the Errant Road activity in Tsuiraku in the game thus far, although that is subject to change at any time.

As in the Poe-verse, Tsuiraku only contains two large cities, as far as we know: Tsuirakushiti and Kiyoka. Also as in the Poe-verse, Tsuirakushiti floats in the sky above a suspiciously round lake in the middle of the big island, and Kiyoka is a port city somewhere on the island's southeastern end. (Note that in the world of Errant Road, the "suburbs" of Tsuirakushiti that have developed on the ground around the lake have their own name: Tsuirakushita.) There are apparently other villages on the main island and probably on some of the outlying little ones, but none have been named yet.

The interior of Tsuiraku is mountainous, a fact of significance to the Errant Road story, because player character Grope and his late mate Zhbrigeeul came to Tsuiraku with the hope of starting up a troll colony somewhere in the valleys of the interior, where Tsuirakuans don't go. Of course, things didn't go exactly as planned, because when they were dropped off on the Tsuirakuan shore by Mr. Stagpoole and Keyes, they were so close to Kiyoka that they quickly became enmeshed in goings-on there, with lamentably fatal results for Zhbrigeeul. However, the plan was sound, as far as known, because there really are central mountains, and there have never been any indications that Tsuirakuans live there.


The history of the Errant Road version of Tsuiraku also parallels that of the one in the Poe-verse, although again, there are some elaborations. The Mage/Priest Wars happened in this version as in the other one, and relations between Tsuiraku and Veracia are "strained" as a result, just as they are in the Poe-verse. This hasn't prevented some "good will" exchanges between the two countries, for example the mission of the Veracian Church in Kiyoka (an important game locale), but the signs of the strain are still there.

Otherwise, most of what we know of Tsuirakuan history is derived from the Poe-verse version. See the root article for more information.

Culture, religion and politics

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Characters from Tsuiraku

See also ER:Kiyoka

Names of player characters are italicized. Note: includes Tsuirakuans who are presently overseas (e.g. in Tsuiraku-town).

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