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A venue of sorts in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, although as yet, little actual player activity has occurred there. See the article on its counterpart in Errant Story itself for more on what it's like.

In the game, Tsuirakushiti is the home of numerous player characters, including Maya, Maduin Lochlear, Rupert (Rip) Ricordiel, and Argus Cleiviein, although the latter has been exiled from the place following a small incident before game time. Currently inactive PCs Sasha Mitchel and Lucas Ravanel also hail from there. A fair pile of NPCs, most but not all of them relatively minor, appear to come from Tsuirakushiti as well; see the list below. Notwithstanding this profusion of Tsuirakuan characters, the only action that's been seen in the city itself, apart from a brief visit by Drusia masquerading as an elf impersonator, came about when a certain, surprisingly deadly desk was removed from the Veracian mission in Kiyoka and sent there for analysis. First, Brother Farley and his Tsuirakuan girlfriend Kristi went to observe the analysis, and later, Argus (or more accurately his familiar Harker) made contact with one Revyl Dirienzal, a professor on the faculty of Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration, who was the main analyst. It's fair to say that this contact was not altogether warmly received by the good(?) professor. That same analysis inexplicably claimed the life of Professor Damyo, another faculty member at Sashi Mu, so even though we haven't seen much of Tsuirakushiti in the game, it's racking up about the same kill rate among NPCs as the other venues, if not more.

Tsuirakushitians in Errant Road

Player characters


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