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A locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. It doesn't exist in the Poe-verse that we know of, although there are probably small towns like it in the same general area.

Umbertiel is a small to medium-sized town in central Veracia, somewhere south of Saus and northwest of Lorenzel, some distance inland from the west coast of the country. It enters the story as a travel stopover for PCs Sister Rose, Lillith, etc., as they head back north after a small adventure outside the similar town of Gervasiel (with a stop at the hidden town of Snamish). Rose and colleagues are expected there for an "interview" -- that's the polite word -- with a delegation from the Cardinal Inquisitor's office, which has taken an interest in some of the deaths that happened in Gervasiel shortly after the party left town. Alas, this interview leads in turn to more deaths, which is just kind of the way things have been going in Errant Road.

We don't really learn much about Umbertiel, even though the characters are there for quite a while (real time). It has a fairly large temple of the Veracian Church, where the encounter with Sister Bree and Father Blaise, the Inquisitor's people, happens. There's also shopping of a sort (this makes Maduin happy, of course), places to stay and eat, etc., all the usual town kinds of things. The population appears to be mainly composed of typical Veracians, rather xenophobic and magic-phobic, maybe even a bit more so than in much of Veracia. As Maduin's inseparable companion Bryce explains, there are some reasons for that.

A fire in the stables belonging to the temple increases the body count (and the mystery associated with some of the earlier bodies) on the travelers' way out of town, and also leads to their party being joined by Brother Timothy, a young priest at the temple who is assigned to bird-dog them as they head for their next destination, the town of Getsemiel over on the coast. The town sends the party off with a new set of mysteries to deal with: who set the fire and why, what became of the mysteriously vanished Father Blaise, and what killed the even more mysteriously deceased Sister Bree. For a nondescript little place, there are plenty of mysteries here, not to mention the inexplicably high body count.

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