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The Errant Road version of Veracia mirrors the one in the Poe-verse, but of course, has its own unique features and twists.



As in the Poe-verse, Veracia is the largest known country, although in contrast to the Poe-verse, there's a southern continent out there of unknown extent. (It may be there in the Poe-verse as well, but there's no evidence that it is.) It occupies most of its continent apart from territory up north, also of unknown extent but more or less duplicating the Poe-verse's Northern Confederacy. Presumably it shares the continent with the elven territories, which are known to exist in Errant Road, but not necessarily to correspond to the ones in the Poe-verse.

Also as in the Poe-verse, the capital and main city, Emerylon, sits more or less in the middle of the country and is landlocked. Saus, to its northwest, is another major city and a seaport, sited on a long channel that runs inland from the coast. The two cities are connected by a road that runs through the small town of Heamish, another story venue. The terrain north of this road is mountainous, becoming more so the farther north one ventures; to the south is farmland. The mysterious Lorenzel, known in the Poe-verse but not appearing on the map of the Poe-verse, is in the southern part of the country, while equally obscure Delphiniel is somewhere to the north.

One minor difference compared to the Poe-verse version of Veracia is that in this world, there is a Southern Continent that isn't known to exist in the Poe-verse. This was dreamed up both to give player characters a new place to have adventures in, and to remedy some odd geographical quirks of the Errant World, while still keeping this world shaped more or less like the generally spherical planets we all know and love. There is limited commerce between the Southern Continent and Veracia, a fair bit of it being done by smugglers like Lucy Kankaniel. Lorenzel is the main port for the legitimate part of this commerce; the small smuggler's den of Nautkia, downstream of Lorenzel, is the de-facto base of the more ... enterprising of the traders.

History and politics


Places with no known equivalent in the Poe-verse are listed in italics.


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