Earth Smash

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Earth Smash

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Another of Meji's seemingly inexhaustible means for creating magical mayhem.


As far as we can tell, the basic idea is that the spellcaster calls into being a humongous rock, poised to fall on the victim, with splattered body parts to follow. At least that's the way it functions on the one occasion when we've seen it cast.

Not to be confused with Earthquake, used by Sarine.

Where Used

Here, to interrupt the mugging of the unsuspecting Chris. The Pottle boy is the poor unfortunate whose splattered body parts are seen protruding from under the rock. (Of course, he had it coming.) It's fair to say that this event gained a certain notoriety among the good folks of Emerylon.

Meji also uses a ten-thousand-fold-scaled-down version of this to "discipline" Ellis during Sarine's long monologue on elf history. It's not clear whether this is a different spell, but the idea is the same, anyway.

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