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The ruling body of the elves, apparently. They meet in a council chamber in Praenubilus Astu (shown here) that has somewhat shoddy security -- Sarine was able to barge in on a meeting using a security override that's who-knows-how-many years old. They have a scribe named Renane who appears to be not important enough to hang out when somebody has something secretive to say, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a scribe, doesn't it?

Thus far the named council members are Ameurin, Famair and Skena, although it's hard to be sure who's who. Masaki is probably also a member; at least he joins Skena in grilling Nisotta and Yenhael (with Sarine playing fly on the wall) in the aftermath of the grand battle with Ian Samael. There are known to be more, as these three agreed that Sarine's news regarding Anilis called for getting the other representatives of the Great Houses together. The council chambers appear to have floor-level seats for about eight or ten members, plus an indeterminate number of sycophants or back-benchers.

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