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Elven portal receiver

First use: 2003/11/21

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A small magical gadget that the elves use to get around in human territory. It links to the elven travel platform network, but differs from the fixed sites in that network by being one-way: travelers can gate in using them, but (apparently) not out.

The always-prepared Sarine carries one in her bag of tricks. When first seen, she's using it to (unknowingly) summon Toren and his military unit to the first big battle with Ian (pre-Anilis). She's surprised to see all the muscle, remarking that she was trying to arrange "the assistance of another ranger or two, not what's left of the damn elven army." Evidently the operator at the receiving end doesn't control what goes in or comes out.

Sarine also says that there now exist "temporary" travel platforms that can be erected by a couple of rangers, allowing elves to pop into places that have human warp gates that they use for additional travel. Presumably this is the way Rarune and his party got to Tsuirakushiti, 18 years ago so that he could impregnate Miyo Hinadori, then more recently so he and his goons could grab the resulting Meji. These appear to be distinct from the one-way receivers, and as far as can be told, we've never seen one in action.

Tsuiraku doesn't seem to have anything comparable as part of their warp gate network, which is altogether separate from the elven travel platforms. However, when the increasingly desperate Sarine needs to co-opt a pair of unwilling portal mages to help her and the Amraphels travel north to prevent a war (she hopes), she offers them a portal receiver as a bribe thank-you gift, which seems to do the trick. Presumably the Tsuirakuans will eventually figure out both what the thing is, and how they might take advantage of it.

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