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2012/02/13 Sarine | A house somewhere | Epilogue: Ever After...
02/16 Sarine, Jon, Meji | Praenubilus Astu, Emerylon - Begin Sarine reminiscences; Mejinilis' first actions in the Age of Meji
02/20 Meji, Bani(?), Leah, Riley, Sarine (offstage) | Tsuirakushiti, Santuariel - More of what Meji is up to, and yes, Sarine, humans are bloody insane
02/27 Meji, Kawaii, Nookie, Sarine (offstage) | Tsuirakushiti, elsewhere - Meji starts to think big
03/05 Meji, Sarine (offstage) | Malacia - Malacia is reborn, with a dark hint about the future
03/09 Sara, Sarine (offstage) | Elven Territories, somewhere else - Sara Walks The Earth
03/12 Sarine - R.I.P. Jon after a good long life, and this isn't Aetern Desiderium, it's real mourning for a loving husband and father
03/19 Sarine, Mari - A mother/daughter moment and a comparatively happy ending
The End.

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