Evelyn Samael

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Evelyn Samael

Race: Half Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2006/01/02


Chapter 18
Cover, 01/04, 01/06, 01/09, 01/11, 01/13

Chapter 26
03/05, 03/07, 03/09

Chapter 28

Chapter 31
11/09, 11/26


2003/06/09, 2003/08/04, 2003/08/06, 2003/09/17, 2003/09/19, 2006/01/16, 2006/12/13, 2006/12/20, 2007/02/12, 2008/10/03, 2008/10/24

Evelyn Samael, sometimes just called Lyn, was Ian's older sister. Like many half elves, she was born with a birth defect: an unspecified cardiac illness which appeared terminal. Due to her natural resistance to magic, healing arts and medicine were unsuccessful in treating it, so Ian decided to quest for enough power to overcome the resistance. She also has an infirm leg, and according to Poe, a deformed hand, although it's carefully concealed in most of her appearances; there is just a hint of it here.

Their mother dealt with this situation by retreating into near-catatonic apathy.

Evelyn, Ian, and their mother grew up in Santuariel. While its exact location is unknown, it is evidently either in an outlying section of the Northern Confederacy or within a day's wagon ride of one of its border towns. While growing up, Evelyn was friendly with Leah and Riley, the latter of whom became the subject of a highly ironic crush on the part of Evelyn's kid brother. Ian still has nostalgic dreams of those happy days -- at least relatively speaking.

It was revealed that roughly a month after Ian first departed the town, a fire broke out in his family's home. Starting in his mother's room, presumably lit by her own hand, it consumed the entire home and killed both inhabitants. To say that Ian didn't take this well is an understatement of really epic proportions. As a consequence, it's not clear whether the "appearances" in Chapter 26 (see info box) are really of Evelyn, much less the one in Chapter 28.

Currently a resident of "The Hill," more or less.

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