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Detail Map Major Cities
Esmapfarrellu9.jpg :
  1. Isabel
  2. Port Lorrel
  3. Taberna
  4. Thranel

Farrel is a large forested continent between Tsuiraku and Veracia. The interior was once ruled by the Keiren -- "wood elves," more or less. Farrel contains the cities of Port Lorrel, Taberna, Thranel and Isabel and the people are called Farrelians.



Before the revellation of Tsuirakushiti, Farrel was in the Veracian Church's sphere of influence. The Veracians didn't quite run the place, but that didn't keep them from acting like it. The Farrelians didn't quite like it either, which is why they cut their deal with Tsuirakushiti, when it first appeared. Veracia still has some influence there, and they run an orphanage in Farrel that serves (among other things) as a collection point for possible Ensigerum recruits such as Sara Amraphel.

At the time, Farrel also controlled the old Rinkai Erufu island territories where Tsuirakushiti re-appeared. With Veracia's disruption after the incident between Luminosita and the Elven Barrier/Shield, Farrel was more than willing to cut them a deal. Farrel moved into the Tsuirakuan sphere of influence and a Marshall Plan-like program was set up to modernize the country.

After Tsuirakuan victory in the Mage/Priest Wars between Tsuiraku and Veracia, Farrel's influence grew until they became a global power in their own right.


Farrelian culture seems to be libertarian, according to a small civics lecture given by Jon. Law enforcement is conducted by hiring one of many mercenary guilds, the products of which will do their utmost to keep the peace for as long as they are employed. Should a mercenary find himself unemployed, he rather graciously elects to fill the role of the criminal class. The Gewehr Wraiths began as a Farrelian mercenary guild before they re-invented themselves as a criminal syndicate following a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Northern Confederacy.

Jon Amraphel's description of what he had been taught about the creation of the elves and humans indicates that, at least during his youth, the followers of Luminosita held considerable sway. Now Farrel has seemingly turned away from the priests of Veracia and towards the mages of Tsuiraku.

Errant Road

For information on Farrel as represented in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game, see ER:Farrel. Note that people, places (including Farrel), and things in Errant Road are not considered "canon."

See also

For a listing of characters who live or lived in Farrel, see Category:Farrelites. See also the Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge segment on Farrel's history.

Poe Notes:|

From this thread:

Well, at the time Farrel had become so intertwined and dependent with Veracia, that one of the most common points of discussion among the populous was "how long do you think before Veracia just decides to annex us?"
So when Tsuiraku showed up, Farrel was 'Ah, Hello new friend! Come, talk, tell us of things, stay a spell. Perhaps you need anything? Just ask it. We can make you great deal! Let's see what you have to offer." because they saw it as their best shot at getting out from under Veracia.
And it worked quite well too. At the cost of just a chunk of land that wasn't doing much for them anyway, they have managed to build themselves back up into a world power just by the sake of skillful trade relations and being the go-between for Tsuiraku and Veracia.
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