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Drawings by Poe (or sometimes others) that are inserted into the thrice-weekly sequence of strips when real-life circumstances don't allow him to complete a strip to his satisfaction in time for publication. (Think of them as Fan service, or if you prefer, omake.) Many feature characters from the strip; others feature Poe himself and/or Impy in various predicaments; others just come from Somewhere Out There.

An example of filler art involving catgirls appears here. It isn't clear whether filler art featuring actual ES characters should be considered canon for purposes of character development, etc. In this particular case, the art itself makes it clear that it's not canon, which is really kind of a pity, at least for Jon and Sarine.

A thread-like bit of recurring filler, called "Fun with Familiars" and starring Ellis and Rape-kun, is getting going. Look here for a sample. "Does Not Play Well With Others," DNPWWO for short, is another recurring filler mini-strip.

Not to be confused with Wallpaper, which isn't part of the Monday-Wednesday-Friday sequence and has another goal, namely encouraging people to donate.

Links to filler art

(Note: "FwF" denotes an episode in the Fun with Familiars series, and "DNPWWO" an episode in the Does Not Play Well With Others series.)

Date Subject(s) Notes
2005/08/29 Ellis
2005/10/14 Jon, Sarine, Poe, others Includes Exploitation Now characters
2005/11/22 Jon, Sarine, Meji, Poe (offstage)
2005/11/23 a penguin (!?) Starting a week of drawings by guest artists
2005/11/24 Poe, Impy, others "Dungeons & Dragons With Impy and Poe" -- by Jim Hanson
2005/11/25 Meji, Ian (sort of) Puppet Theater sendup
2005/11/26 Meji
2005/11/27 Jon, Sarine, Ellis, Meji By "Ghastly," which sorta fits...
2005/11/29 Meji Dropout Meji gets a job
2006/03/24 Meji
2006/03/25 unnamed troll
2006/03/27 Kawaii?, another (see notes) Second character appears to be Ralph from Exploitation Now
2006/05/05 Poe, Impy
2006/07/14 Meji
2006/08/02 Exploitation Now characters Announces new dead-tree Exploitation Now volume
2006/08/04 Poe, Impy
2006/08/07 unknown Warning about physics and catgirls
2006/09/15 Meji
2006/10/04 non-ES characters Poe's Off Getting Hitched Filler #1
2006/10/05 non-ES characters Poe's Off Getting Hitched Filler #2
2006/12/22 Ellis
2006/12/25 Poe, Impy, "ninja Christmas elf" "Uncensored" version has been lost(?)
2007/04/11 Bani Igaaru
2007/04/16 Ian
2007/05/09 Bani (sort of)
2007/06/20 Poe (as a child)
2007/07/04 Meji, Ellis 4th of July fireworks
2007/07/20 Sarine, Jon
2007/09/03 Ellis, Rape-kun FwF
2007/09/04 Sarine
2007/10/01 Ellis, Locke, other cats FwF
2007/11/02 Ellis, Rape-kun, Locke FwF
2007/12/25 Naga, Fran DNPWWO
2007/12/27 Rokku Sona, Kureji Mesuinu FwF
2007/12/31 Ellis, Rape-kun FwF
2008/01/09 Ellis, Rape-kun FwF
2008/02/15 Sarine, Jon Valentine's day; definitely not canon
2008/03/05 Ellis, Rape-kun FwF
2008/03/24 Naga, Fran DNPWWO
2008/04/28 Meji Starting an extended sequence so Poe can get caught up
2008/04/29  ??? Best left undescribed...
2008/04/30  ???
2008/05/01 Rape-kun, Meji, Bani, Sara Very non-canon
2008/05/02 Meji, Ellis
2008/05/05 Naga DNPWWO
2008/05/06 non-ES characters
2008/05/07 non-ES characters Warhammer 40K satire
2008/05/08 Naga, Fran DNPWWO
2008/05/09 Bani (apparently)
2008/05/12 Ian
2008/05/13 Riley
2008/05/14 "Dalek-Tan" "Things which should not be"
2008/05/15 "3 Stupid Aliens" from Poe's misspent youth (he says)
2008/05/16 Sarine
2008/05/19 Anita looking a bit old, and thereby hangs a tale
2008/05/20 Sarine "some very early Sarine designs," per Poe
2008/05/21 Jon "some very early Jon designs," per Poe
2008/05/22 Sara "some very early Sara designs," per Poe
2008/05/23 Rokku Sona, Kureji Mesuinu, Mr. Snugglesworth FwF
2009/03/03 Bani, Sara Errant Commentary
2009/03/04 Bani, Sara Errant Commentary
2009/03/05 Bani, Sara Errant Commentary
2998/03/27 Meji, Ellis
2009/04/29 Bani, Sara Errant Commentary
2009/05/01 Bani, Sara Errant Commentary
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