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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2003/05/14


Chapter 3

Chapter 19


Chapter 22
07/31, 08/09


2006/03/13, 2006/03/15, 2006/07/26, 2006/07/28

Shadowy top dog and "sales representative" of the Gewehr Wraiths. He is introduced (by name) here, trying to negotiate a deal with a priest of the Veracian Church who'd like to see a fellow priest (Winston Maurel), er, pruned from the tree of righteousness Luminosita style. Of course, we all know that this engagement is a fiendish plot by the Ensigerum to draw the Wraiths out and not merely crush them but discredit them.

We see him previously (without a name) here receiving the unfortunate news that Jon was identified while making a hit. This is turning out to have repercussions, in that Gabriel and the other Wraiths (minus Jon, who's been out of pocket for a while) suspect that the Maurel job is a setup -- which we, with our conveniently detached Greek-chorus viewpoint, know that it indeed is. He's sufficiently ticked off at Jon for blowing his cover on the earlier job that he's willing to let Jon take the role of canary: if he makes the hit, all well and good, while if he is the one who's hit, well, s**t happens, and now the surviving Gewehr are sure the Ensigerum and Veracian church are ganging up on them.

We don't know whether Gabriel survives the slaughter of the Gewehr that Anita and Paul were arranging after the Maurel hit misfired, owing to the completely coincidental intervention of Sarine. He hasn't been heard from since that episode, but the plot hasn't really had a reason to involve him since then, so his current state is simply uncertain, at least in a quantum mechanical sense.

Gabriel put in a brief appearance in the Errant Road free-form, on-line role-playing game, but he's not a regular character there; one universe is enough.

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