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A magical construct with the approximate shape of a human. Meji's classmate Kenji Hidomi is planning to construct one as his final project at the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration. It can be assumed from the difficulty of the other projects that the creation of a golem is therefore no easy task.

What appears to be a golem has been seen inside the Port Lorrel warp gate . Apparently, some types are also used as the slightly more active Tsuirakuan equivalent of sex dolls, which Meji has, at least according to Ellis, previously been very keen to purchase.

Golems appear to be used in the Tsuirakuan military, unsurprisingly. Bani's scheme to help Sarine and company gain access to Warp Gate Twelve, so that they can go off to the far north and stave off conflict between the Tsuirakuans and the elves, hangs in part on a seminar in golem direction, conducted by one Sergeant Daiki, that she took with not-too-bright battlemage Jiro -- maybe. Later, two golems are among the forces guarding Meji (in her Senilis-infested state) following her return to Tsuirakushiti. They have a small set-to with Nookie, who's looking for Meji, that starts with a certain derision on the part of an NPC Guard, but ends with a very definite demonstration that the Paedagogusi are not to be futzed around with. (Hint: we get a rather graphic illustration of just what a golem is made of.)

Golems also play a significant part in the purely non-canon Errant Road free-form role-playing game. Ayiee is a particularly ... enticing ... golem more or less owned by player character Lucas Ravanel, and Brother Lemuel, improbably enough, seems to have taken orders as a brother of the Veracian Church, or at least its mission in Kiyoka. Other golems appear in minor vignettes in Errant Road, although they're not seen in action and don't have names.

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