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Healing spells are used by characters to deal with the damage they do to each other, or more commonly, themselves. It's a great favorite of the victims of trauma, particularly in melee. Sarine seems to spend more time casting healing spells (and producing the trauma that requires them, to be sure) than doing just about anything else.

Half elves seem to have resistance to healing spells, at least as far as the things that afflict some of them and make them Errants. We are reliably told (see "Poe Notes" below) that this is because, in the Errant Story world, there's a difference between things that are congenitally weird debilities and things that result from combat, illness, etc. The characters themselves don't seem to know that, however.

Trying to heal something that isn't broken may have bad effects on humans, too. Gossip at Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration had one of Meji's classmates, the never-seen Mika, landing in the hospital because of a "bad thaumatical reaction from trying to have her nose done and her boobs enlarged at the same time." Served her right, probably.

There's also an incredibly powerful version of healing that gets applied (by Ian Samael) to Errants. It's never named in the comics, but offline has been given the name "Omega-Heal."

Characters who cast Healing spells

There are as-yet unseen characters called Lifemages who specialize in this kind of magic. Whether their capabilities are curative or purely diagnostic isn't completely clear, but Meji Hinadori (here) reports encounters with them at various times, or at least awareness that they exist. Other cultures have Healers (maybe the same thing as Lifemages, maybe not) who specialize in this kind of magic. The presence of corrective healers in Veracia was implied by a most improbable source, and representatives of most of the Poe-verse's cultures seem to refer to them.

According to Ian, there are legends that priests of the Veracian Church have mighty healing powers. There are also stories of wandering monks who show up out of nowhere to heal some sick person. We haven't seen either in action yet, however.

Non-magical healing

There's very little evidence that any of the cultures of Errant Story have done much to develop traditional, non-magical medicine. Certainly Riley's little oddity didn't get dealt with via surgical means in her youth, as it might have, and it took big karma by Ian to deal with Leah's lung problems when a dose of antibiotics might have been tried, although they wouldn't have worked. Since Mika wound up going to a "hospital" after the bad thaumatical reaction, organized medical care is at least familiar to Tsuiraku, but we don't know how capable it is or whether there's any traditional medicine in it. Medical technology, however, has developed to the point of knowing about eyeglasses, as witness this small encounter involving Suzie (whose vision without them is not only just fine but also magically insightful, which mama Polly doesn't understand). People in Tsuiraku (Kenji Hidomi and the Librarian) and Santuariel (Leah) also wear glasses; so does Nookie, remarkably enough.

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Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the Forum)

"Let’s put it these terms, every few hours a half elf (or elf for that matter) body slowly resets all the various features back to its original factory installed default presets. Now, normal magical powered healing would just be changing features to something else... which ends up being a pointless waste of time since those changes will just be reset back to default. The thing Ian did was to instead change what the actual default presets were so it doesn't matter if it resets or not.

Now this only applies to actual internal changes to how the elf/half elf’s body is made or works... its genetic structure and the like.

Outside stuff like cuts, broken bones, bruises, or viruses are a completely different matter since those don’t really alter the body’s inherent make up in any way, normal healing affects those just fine."

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