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Also known as "Impy" or "The Scary Little Redhead Girl"

Hilary Hatch is the owner and president of Caffeine Angel Studios.

Born and raised in southern Ohio, Hilary attended the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, where she majored in Art History, and minored in Asian Studies. Due to the demands of the comic, Hilary dropped out in 2005, but she maintains that she'll finish the degree when she eventually gets around to it.

Hilary is a devoted, lifelong reader of science fiction and fantasy novels, and she developed a strong fascination with comics, anime, and webcomics in her teenage years. She tried her hand at all of these, and even started a few webcomics of her own, but she quickly realized that she was just not cut out to be a creator. Her true calling was clearly to be an evil mastermind.

When she met and eventually married comic artist Michael Poe, Hilary gradually shifted her focus from managing a collaborative webcomic project to managing his career in comics, and in June of 2005 she quit her own full time job to take over the business and marketing side of Caffeine Angel Studios permanently. Today, she is working as her condition permits as the editor for CAS. With the start of Errant Tales, it has also become her job to find and hire artists for the stories, and to manage the project and act as editor and art director for each issue. She works with Michael to make sure the stories are a true representation of the Errant Universe.

She contributes to the story itself in odd little ways, for example the lyrics (such as they are) for Jon's song about "Tarragon the Troll and Doodah the Dragon." We won't hold the lyrics against her ... but we won't let her forget 'em, either.

She can be reached at hilaryhatch (at) caffeineangelstudios (dot) com

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