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Another of Meji's arsenal of spells, and unusual among them in being designed to improve the quality of life for the caster, not degrade it terminally for the castee.


We don't actually know what it does, nor even whether it's a single spell or a class of different spells. The basic idea seems to be to give the caster a way of washing up that doesn't involve immersion in a stream or river filled with "stuff that wants to nibble on and swim up all (the caster's) important bits." Note that in the real world, this is not a totally unjustified concern -- serious gross-out potential if you follow that link -- so in the Poe-verse, it probably isn't either.

Where Used

It hasn't been used on-stage, although the fact that the main characters haven't become so rank as to repel each other implies that it has, in fact, been used. The only time it's mentioned is here, where Meji sneers at Jon's intention to wash up the old-fashioned way, only to realize that the old-fashioned way has certain advantages over the spell when it comes to, say, seducing Ian.

It's interesting that none of the magic users in the story who've felt a need to clean up in a river have used a Hygiene spell instead. Ian goes for a river bath in the sequence where Meji uses the spell, rather than casting it himself. Later, Sarine also prefers the all-natural approach to cleanliness, which conveniently allows a bit of repartee with Jon that just happens to advance the plot.

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