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A spell that makes the user invisible to those around them. Possibly can be cast to include specific people other than the person who actually casts the spell; at least Ellis doesn't show up on either occasion when Meji uses it. However, this might also just be an Obfuscation effect.

Indications are that it can be countered by a Reveal spell, which see.

Where Used

Is first seen in use by Meji, when she needs to get away from the "effeminate spiky haired weirdo" (adventurer-wannabe Chris) in the early stages of the comic. Is also used, again, by Meji, to attempt to gain access to the "Vault of Heretic Knowledges", but fails when Meji walks straight into a "Dispel Trap" which, well, dispels it. Later on, Misa uses it to set up a playful (but nearly disastrous) mock ambush on her friend Sarine, who figures out that something is amiss and reacts ... strongly.

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