Iron Skin

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Another of those spells, used to convert Ellis into a bludgeoning melee weapon -- or at least it should have been...

Iron Skin

First use: Not actually used

Where used

Not, as far as we know


We don't know for sure what it does, but presumably it's used to transmute supple, organic flesh (like, say, that of a winged, talking cat) into something sturdier and therefore more suitable for administering blunt trauma. Presumably the same spell, if cast on a humanoid, would give said humanoid's skin some armor-like properties, but we haven't seen it done.

Where Used

Well, actually, it hasn't been. Meji seems to have learned this one so that she can convert Ellis into a kitty melee weapon, but unfortunately, on the one occasion when she actually uses him to beat up on NPC Guards, she neglects to cast the spell first. The melee turns out OK (Meji seems to be a competent hand-to-hand fighter), but as regards Ellis, to quote Meji: "Sorry, my bad." Anyway, Ellis seems nearly indestructible (at least at this stage of proceedings), so nothing is damaged long-term but his pride, which is considerable.

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