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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2004/12/24


Chapter 11
12/24, 12/31, 01/03, 01/05, 01/10, 01/19, 01/21

Chapter 29
08/03, 08/06, 08/15, 08/20, 08/22, 08/24, 08/27, 08/29


2003/06/20, 2005/04/11, 2005/04/13, 2006/07/19, 2007/03/19, 2007/09/07, 2008/02/04

Jeramel is the Patriarch of the Veracian Church. It is unknown just how much control he has over its workings and how much others hold, though he is in charge, at least in theory. Normally, however, his explicit permission was required to summon Luminosita, and his guards are highly protective of him, to the point of being willing to lay down their own lives to protect him.

Protocol (at least as he sees it) has historically been that emissaries from the Ensigerum interact with him via subdued, diplomatic channels, for which reason the Ensigerum usually sends Paul to deal with him. Of course, Anita wants to shortcut all the bureaucracy and corners him herself to demand cooperation in destroying the Gewehr Wraiths, which works just fine (from Anita's point of view): he's quite full of himself, but not capable of taking on a badass like Anita.

No spellcasting ability has been revealed as yet, and he cannot feel the presence of Luminosita like other Veracian priests do. Given that he has recently encountered the divinely-empowered Ian Samael, it does not appear likely that he has any at all. Like many of the other priests, he seems to genuinely believe that Luminosita is in fact a god despite the Church's command of him (or at least refers to him as such), though he does know that spells can be cast without the presence of the god to channel through.

His personal bodyguard consists of two Veracian soldiers, a nun and two priests, revealed to be at least competent spellcasters during Ian's break-in.

Jeramel in Errant Road

Jeramel is also mentioned in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, although he has never actually appeared there. As in Errant Story itself, he's the Patriarch of the Veracian Church, and several of the orders that drive action in the game originate with him. Remarkably enough, characters in the game consider him one of the less stiff-necked and intolerant (although not less venal) members of the church hierarchy, which probably is an indication that you don't really want to run into some of the more ... orthodox ... ones.

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