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First Appearance: 2003/11/24
Appears In: Chapter 5

Chapter 6
12/12, 12/22,


Mentioned In: 2003/12/01

Korene is one of the elves in the military unit under the command of Toren that tries to capture Meji and Ian in Saus, with disastrous results. Toren tells him to exert mental pressure to clear passers-by out of the combat zone, but when he does so, Ian apparently notices, giving him just enough time to avoid the worst effects of Toren's disruption attack. Half way through the battle, Korene (who has thus far escaped basically unscathed) is rendering first aid to a more seriously injured elf (Sanae) when things really get hot. It isn't clear whether he survives the climactic melee, but he's listed here as "Living Impaired" just to be on the safe side.

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