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First Appearance: 2003/03/12
Appears In: Chapter 2
03/12, 03/14, 03/19, 03/21, 03/24, 03/28

In context, a particular NPC Guard in the party that tracks down Meji outside Saus, thinking that they're on the trail of Jon Amraphel instead. Actually, they're half right, because Jon is hiding in the bushes nearby and grabs Meji to try to talk his way out of pursuit via a hostage gambit. To say this doesn't work well would be a considerable understatement.

His enthusiasm for performing a "special interrogation" on Meji gets under the skin of his commanding officer (whose rank is not given) enough that the top guy ponders whether he has the authority to have the looey turned into a eunuch. Reasonably enough, this cows him into submission for the rest of his life, which at this point is measured in minutes, since he and his pals make the mistake of threatening Jon and Meji severely enough to make her do some spell casting. Of course, we know how that turns out.

Interestingly, the rank of Lieutenant seems to be lower in the pecking order of the Veracian military than that of Sergeant. At least the sergeant (Reeve) who shows up during the Connel flashback is older than this guy, wields a bit more authority, and is marginally less of a scuzzbag. The rank of Lieutenant also exists in the elven military, as seen here, although this particular Lieutenant is only on stage for a moment -- so far.

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