Lightning Bolt

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Meji's often-used (on Ellis) spell.

Lightning Bolt

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Where used

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Pretty much what it sounds like: the caster identifies the target to be blasted, and ZAP! a lightning bolt shoots out and accomplishes the blasting. The area affected may be as small as the size of, say, a familiar, but more powerful versions seem to be able to fry multiple victims at once, as in the final entry in the following section.

Where Used

  • Meji uses a much-attenuated version of it to intimidate (and singe) a librarian at school
  • Then she uses it on the tree in front of Jon when he is practicing his shooting. (Oddly, she calls it a fireball in this sequence, even though the effect is clearly lightning-like.)
  • She's constantly zapping Ellis with a lightning bolt for one transgression or another, to the point that her traveling companions rationalize it away when the ensuing thunderclap happens. However, Ellis takes a lightning bolt from somewhere else at one point too. Although it isn't explicitly stated, it's pretty clear that the caster in this case is Sarine, trying to make a not-very-subtle statement that Meji isn't the only one who can create magical death and destruction when the situation calls for it. (Fortunately, Ellis is basically indestructible and reconstitutes himself quickly following the big zap.)
  • Ellis implies that what Meji used on a group of Veracian police(?) was a lightning bolt, although the visuals in this sequence make it look like something more potent than the lightning bolts seen elsewhere.

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