Lorenzel Excavations

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The Lorenzel Excavations are detailed in a series of volumes deemed heretical by the Church of Veracia. They were locked away in the Heretic Knowledge Vault, and left undisturbed by the elves because the volumes were believed to be ultimately inaccessible to prying eyes. (Hint: Do not try to sneak into the Vault of Heretical Knowledge invisibly.)

However, both Meji and Ian were led to a volume of the Lorenzel Excavations: Meji in the hopes of pursuing a unique graduation project, and Ian seeking knowledge that would help him save his sister Evelyn. Together they stole a book from the Vault in Emerylon, and from it gleaned coordinates that seemed to lead to southwestern Farrel.

Whatever secrets it holds, the single stolen volume is important enough to draw the attention of the Great Houses of Praenubilus Astu, which sent a unit of elves to retrieve them.

Recently the book was in Ian's possession. However, he's now grown so powerful that he doesn't necessarily need it any more, and the elves' interest in the whole shebang has grown a great deal more personal than just wanting to recover a book. He fenced it at Arcana Unearthed, a bookstore in Tsuirakushiti, and it's now in the possession of Sarine and Meji following a bit of bartering.

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