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Race: Gods
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2007/08/06


Chapter 29
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Luminosita is the god of Veracia. Veracia used him to beat up all the other countries that didn't have their own pet gods.

He is a gigantic construct, powered by magical energy that Veracia's priesthood has been stuffing into him over millennia. He takes the form of the archetypical patriarchal god, i.e. beard, bald head, and large weaponry, specifically a "bearded" axe with patterned blade and a flaming brand, wearing the costume of a Veracian priest. His eyes, at least in appearances so far, are blank. His hand is about the same size as the only other being he has been seen alongside, making him at least twenty-four times the height of a typical human or half-elf.

It appears to be church policy for the Patriarch to control when Luminosita is summoned. However, it seems that other priests can do so as well if called upon, and in emergencies at least, this rule is known to be flexible.

His intelligence is unknown, though he can speak, delivering dramatic and threatening dialogue to Ian when they clash. Any views so far expressed agree completely with the official views of the Veracian Church, as is to be expected from their deity.

The various priests and nuns of the Veracian Church appear to be able to feel Luminosita's presence/existence. Whether this is down to the fact that they have poured large amounts of power into him or whether Luminosita exuded a specific "holy" feeling as a result of his construction has yet to be revealed. It is apparently much more difficult to damage him in his home city, near what we assume is the source of his power, than in some far-flung locale. Removing him, in any case, disturbs all of them greatly.

Luminosita dispenses smitings on Wednesdays. Given recent events, it seems increasingly likely that these smitings are delivered by the god himself, and not merely a term for the priests dealing out punishments.


Luminosita was created some time after the elves threw the humans out of their territories. This makes him no more than 2000-1500 years old. It is unlikely that he existed prior to the Ensigerum allying with the tribe that became the Veracian Church. (Note: Recent evidence indicates that the Veracian Church is less than 1000 years old, certainly much younger than the age of the Ensigerum Village.)
He was first used to tear down the Elven Barrier. The resulting energy pulse nearly destroyed him and inadvertently damaged Tsuirakushiti's cloaking fields, revealing that city's existence, as well as that of Praenubilus Astu.

He then figured in the tale of Shiro Hideaki, who had previously attempted Meji's power-draining quest, which triggered the Mage Wars. Since then he hasn't been used much since the Veracian Priesthood are quite well aware of his weaknesses and they daren't use him against countries with advanced magic users and techniques. Nevertheless, until the time of his Dispelling, he was a sufficiently powerful deterrent to keep the Northern Confederacy from invading.

Luminosita being Dispelled by Ian/Anilis
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