Madeline Samael

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Madeline Samael

Race: Half Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2006/01/11


Chapter 18


2003/09/19, 2006/01/09, 2006/01/16, 2006/12/13, 2006/12/20, 2007/02/12
Ian's mother, Madeline Samael, was a half elf living in Santuariel. She seemed to have stopped caring about the world or anything in it, and spent her days staring at the wall. Riley and Leah were supposed to look after her while Ian is off trying to save the world. She also was the mother of Evelyn, Ian's older sister.

Unfortunately, not too long after Ian set off on his quest, their house burned down, taking her and Evelyn with it, so that she now resides in "The Hill," Santuariel's graveyard. It's not hard to tell from Leah's and Riley's whispered asides that they think, based on pretty strong evidence, that this was a successful suicide attempt that also just happened to wipe out Evelyn. Ian doesn't seem too broken up over his mom's death, but Evelyn's ... hoo boy.

Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the Forum)

the text on the grave marker was ' Madeline Samael' and 'In death may she find the peace that eluded her in life'.
Funfact: Madeline (or more acturatly just 'Maddy') was actually what I had originally named Ian's sister in the very early script of this chapter. However later on, when I wrote Ian's dialog for the first page of chapter five I had completly forgoten I had already gave her a name and pulled 'Evelyn' out of my ass. And so the name got defaulted to his mother who I never bothered to make up a name for.
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