Malcolm, James, and/or the Pottle boy

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Members of the Random Bully's gang in Saus, where they mug the unsuspecting Chris. They then make the mistake of inviting Meji Hinadori to the mugging, whereupon they discover, in a terminally messy fashion, that Meji is a lot more of a badass than any of them are.

We don't know who is who in this bunch. Most likely RB is either Malcolm or James, who were launched into the air, rather than the Pottle boy, who was squashed and probably was in no shape to run from Sarine Elle later. We likewise aren't sure they're really living-impaired, apart from the Pottle boy, but getting propelled into the air through the wall and roof of a building and/or having a two-ton rock materialize and fall on you does tend to ruin your day. (RB himself definitely did escape, to be tracked down by Sarine.)

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