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Ichiro Hinadori

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2004/08/16


Chapter 8
08/16, 08/18

Chapter 28
07/16, 07/18

Chapter 37
12/05, 12/08, 12/10, 12/12, 12/15, 12/24, 01/02, 01/05, 01/07, 01/09

Chapter 44
03/15, 03/17, 03/19, 03/22, 03/24

Chapter 46
07/26, 07/29, 08/09

Chapter 47
09/27, 09/30, 10/07, 10/09, 10/14

Chapter 48
01/10, 01/13, 01/17, 01/20, 01/24, 01/27


2002/12/23, 2003/01/17, 2004/08/09, 2004/08/13, 2004/08/20, 2007/06/22, 2007/06/25, 2007/07/02, 2007/10/08, 2011/02/10, 2011/02/14

Ichiro Hinadori, aka Meji's grandfather, is a member of the high council of Tsuirakushiti. It was his decision to put Meji in school when she was chronologically old enough, even though she was far behind her age group in physical development. He also was responsible for letting Bani know that Meji was, in fact, only a year younger than Bani. As Bani puts it, he's kind of an asshat, in case you couldn't tell.

When Rarune comes calling in Tsuirakushiti, gramps (or, if you prefer, Councilman Hinadori) is present at the warp gate, with his daughter Miyo (aka Meji's Mom), for an exchange of diplomatic pleasantries. You sort of have to wonder what genius on the city council thought it would be a good idea for the guy whose dim daughter Rarune knocked up on his last visit to be there. He manages to bring this off with a certain dignity, though, and doesn't try to avenge his daughter's honor with magical or physical violence. Is that because he lacks guts, doesn't care, or even approved of her getting pregnant? Who knows?

He reappears somewhat later to welcome his granddaughter back to Tsuirakushiti after her involuntary visit to Praenubilus Astu, giving his decidedly frosty thanks to her escorts (Sarine and the Amraphels). Sarine convinces him that she has information on what happened to Emerylon (i.e., Ian Samael) that the Tsuirakuans might want to know, so he hauls her and the Amraphels off to a small conference room so they can tell him and newly-introduced General Izayoi what's going on.

The old guy may have become a political operative, but he's still a capable spellcaster, as we see when he takes exception to the way obnoxious elven ambassador Lucian refers to his granddaughter. "Bravo, Gramps!" say we, or at least most of us. His farewell to Meji as she heads off with the airship fleet is also rather more affectionate than one might have expected, even if he does try (unsuccessfully) to stop her via a Sleep spell. Well, he gets a good nap of his own out of it, at least.

Not until quite late in the story do we learn, from another, anonymous council member, that his first name is Ichiro. Whether or not he has any skills at baseball is not known, however.

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