Mental Impulse

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Mental Impulse

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Where used

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Another of the spells that elves use to keep smelly humans in line. Actually, it's not clear whether it's an actual "spell" or just a magical effect that they generate somehow.


Apparently an area-effect spell. The one time we've seen it used (see next section), it had the effect of getting the humans in a market/street area to clear out so that the elven death squad could snatch Ian and Meji. Whether it can be used to make humans do things other than go away isn't known.

Where Used

Here, cast by Korene. We don't actually see it cast, but the street gets unnaturally quiet, as Ian (who detected some effect from the spell without being affected by it himself) notices, maybe giving him enough time to dodge the worst of the ensuing Disruption cast by the Lead Dead Moron (Toren).

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