Miyo Hinadori

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Miyo Hinadori

Race: Humans
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2007/06/08


Chapter 28
06/08, 06/13, 06/15, 06/22, 06/25, 07/02, 07/09, 07/16

Chapter 30
10/05, 10/08, 10/10, 10/12, 10/19, 10/29

Chapter 37
12/17, 12/19, 12/22, 12/24


2002/12/23, 2003/01/08, 2003/01/10, 2003/01/17, 2003/04/28, 2003/09/24, 2004/08/09, 2004/08/13, 2004/09/03, 2005/10/17, 2006/04/07, 2007/07/11, 2007/09/28, 2007/11/05
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Meji's human mother, Miyo Hinadori, has now finally appeared in the comic, only to be insulted by Ellis. No wonder she's willing to pay Jon good money to keep the little monster. Her father is a Very Important Person in Tsuiraku; because of this, she's led a privileged - although by no means cloistered - life. At story time, she lives in a blockhouse-like pad in Tsuirakushiti with her reluctant servant Nanoa.

She had a fling about eighteen years past with the elven ambassador to Tsuiraku, one Rarune. Ellis has asserted several times that due to a botched contraceptive spell, Meji is the result of that visit. However, subsequent events have caused speculation as to whether the spell was really "botched" at all; maybe she was trying to have a half-elven kid. Time, if not necessarily Miyo, may tell. What is clear, at least, is that she carried a torch for the guy for 18 years, to the point of causing Sarine to feel some unexpected pity for her. (He, on the other hand, seems not to care about her much at all, and possibly doesn't even remember who she is.) The torch went out with a bang when Rarune returned to Tsuirakushiti for an unexpected visit, at which time it was revealed that Miyo has a bit of a drinking problem -- not that anyone could blame her under the circumstances.

She's obviously not very bright.

She's vain about her appearance (and also about her age, as shown by her dislike of being referred to as "the elder Miss Hinadori" by Nanoa) and runs off from time to time to get a rejuvenation treatment. As the accompanying off-story art (left; by Poe himself, therefore canon) shows, it works pretty well, at least until she gets drunk and ruins the effect (image in infobox). However, it adds to the lengthy list of things about her that her daughter resents.

Lest it be thought that she's entirely tacky and lacking in good taste, let it be noted that she doesn't think any more highly of Ellis than he does of her. This is probably a good thing, relatively speaking.

Note that in Poe's notes to the rehashing of the comic post-completion, the alternative first-name spelling "Miho" is used.


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